About Barrier Reef Pools

Our Barrier Reef Pools story began over 30 years ago. Our founders, Mike and Patty Crooks, were buying and installing fibreglass swimming pool shells in tropical north Queensland. They saw a need in the market for a higher quality fibreglass pool shell that could handle anything that was thrown at it. These new shells needed to withstand the impacts of long road deliveries, be simple to install and be able to combat the elements of the earth over time.

Mike and Patty seized the opportunity that arose and started manufacturing their own high-quality fibreglass swimming pools. Over a very short period of time, the demand for these shells grew so dramatically and developed into the Barrier Reef Pools company that we know and love today! Eventually, we relocated to develop our shells in our state of the art manufacturing facility in Beaudesert, QLD. 

Our production sheds are climate controlled so that your swimming pool is manufactured at a set temperature to allow for optimal performance of the raw fibreglass materials. Have a look at our Quality Assurance page and you will see that we have a very comprehensive quality assurance program that takes place on every shell that is manufactured at our facilities. We have our own Transport fleet that allows us to control the transportation requirements of our swimming pools. By clicking on our Manufacturing Plant page you will see that nothing has been spared in establishing our state of the art facility.

Over the years, our business has grown to be one of the largest manufacturers of high quality fibreglass swimming pools. We have a vast network of dealers and now export our shells worldwide. The success of Barrier Reef Pools comes down to the fact that we build the best quality fibreglass pools on the market today. 

We have recently been awarded the Australian Standards 5 tick certified product certification. We are the only fibreglass pool manufacturer to be awarded this certification. From the start of production to the finishing of the installation, we will always demand quality. That is what sets us apart from the rest and why we know you wont regret choosing us.