Fibreglass Pool Manufacturing Plant

Fibreglass Pool Manufacturing Plant 1
Fibreglass Pool Manufacturing Plant 2
Fibreglass Pool Manufacturing Plant 3

Production Shed 1 & 2

Both of these factories measure 1100 m2.

Production shed 1 & 2 are solely dedicated to producing quality fibreglass swimming pools. Both of these factories are state of the art climate controlled manufacturing plants, which have the capacity to collectively produce 26 units per day. No expense has been spared, with specifically designed mini DGS conveniently located outside the factories to store all the resins used for the production of the swimming pools.

Each factory has five engineered extraction systems which are constantly monitored and tested to ensure the environment is kept safe.

We have also constructed a unique ‘Trim & Detail’ area which is fully concreted. This design is enhanced by different course media filters with a large settling tank. This ensures that the fibreglass once trimmed, ends up in the designated tanks. Both of the production factories and in fact the whole Barrier Reef complex have ERA and EPA licenses which are constantly maintained by local authorities.

Barrier Reef Engineering

A purpose built 1100 m2 engineering facility has been constructed within our complex to assist in keeping Barrier Reef running.
From servicing our trucks, company cars, or rebuilding bobcat or excavators, this factory is a hive of activity. Along with the design and construction of all of our factories, B.R. Engineering are also fabricators for the local building market in Beaudesert and Brisbane. With six employees in this factory, maintenance of our trucking fleet and pool trailers ensure delivery of your pool with a minimum of fuss.

Storage & Dangerous Goods Stores (DGS)

Our storage warehouse, houses all our pool and filtration equipment. With a designated area inside, we call our library, this is where we keep a sample of every pool shell ever built at Barrier Reef since inception at Beaudesert in 2000.

Integrated with this warehouse is a specifically built Dangerous Goods store(DGS). This is where all our chemicals are stored in an environmentally friendly containment area.


Our office building is located in the centre of the Barrier Reef complex. with easy access to the main road, this ultra modern-looking​ building is the hub to the whole organisation. It comprises of our reception, transport office, accounts department, export branch, health and safety, board/training rooms, a first-aid​ facility and a host of offices for our management staff.

Mould Maintenance & Research and Development (R&D) Warehouse

This 800 m2 facility is dedicated to new pool development and mould maintenance ensuring unrivalled quality with every single pool. development and expansion of our shapes and sizes are​ constant so that our range is second to none. This ensures that you will have a choice of the very latest design to suit your lifestyle.

Production Support Warehouse

This specific warehouse is where we built all the supporting features for our production facility and pool network. From colour samples, manifolds to water features and mini pools.  This factory only measures 140m2.


The remaining three buildings in our complex comprise of approximately 585m2. These warehouses are strictly for storing our pool moulds. With over 110 different lengths and shapes,​ a huge amount of room is dedicated to ensuring our pool moulds are protected at all times. By housing this luxury, we are able to ensure your Barrier Reef Pool will come off a pristine mould every time.

Being on such a large parcel of land we were able to design the complex to function practically. We have designed the centre​ of our complex for low traffic. Once our trucking fleet is loaded, they are secured away in the centre of the complex helping to keep our trucks and pools away from unwanted visitors and out of view from the public. All our pool storage is kept to the outside of our complex, as well as our trucks, trailers, cranes and other machinery. This makes loading pools on our transport a breeze, with also keeping all our trucking fleet in a forward motion whilst in our yard.

The entire complex is maintained by after hour security and surveillance cameras. No expense has been spared and this is apparent when you walk through the front gate.

We have an open plan policy to our many customers around Australia and if interested you can arrange for a tour and view your pool whilst it is being built!

We are extremely proud of our complex and the pools we build. If you would like to view your pool being constructed, please contact our office so a date can be arranged.