Can A Fibreglass Pool Have Waterslides?

If the main swimmers of your swimming pool are going to be children, adding a water slide to your outdoor entertaining area makes a lot of sense. Not only as a fun activity for your children and their friends, water activities like waterslides, will burn off all of that extra energy kids seem to have!

At Barrier Reef Pools New Zealand we don’t sell water slides. However, we can give you some more information about how in most cases, you will be able to install a water slide in your backyard. There are a few things to consider regarding the size of your block, the backyard layout and shape, as well as how much space you have around your pool. Plus, you will need to confirm access and location for the water supply of the slide. 

The benefits of having a slide are not only advantageous for the kids, but there are also reasons why the adults benefit too! Obviously, having a waterslide is fun! Adding a waterslide can take your outdoor entertaining area to the next level. Did you know that the sound of running water is great for mediative purposes? The water running from your slide can create a tranquil sound, especially if it is not being used by noisy kids! Just relaxing and listening to the sound of the running water can boost your mood. The water running off your waterslide creates a tranquil sound, even more so when it is not being used by noisy kids! Another benefit of adding the right water slide for your pool, can change the overall appearance of your outdoor area, and make it look more aesthetically pleasing. 

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What you need to consider: 

Council approval and insurance: 

You will need to check with the local council before you toy with the idea of buying a slide to get installed. You will need to make sure you are not breaching any regulations or safety codes. Plus, it is important to let your insurance company know you have installed a slide as it could affect your cover and premiums. 


There are many types of freestanding water slides which are suitable to be installed on your fibreglass pool. Water slides which are sold for domestic use will come in many designs and a variety of styles. You might like to choose a slide with a soft curve, or one which is full of twists and turns might be more your style! You could even go for one that is completely straight and let the kids get up to super speed for a big splash in the pool! Once you have chosen the style of

water slide you want you then will have to decide if you want it to turn right or left when entering the water! 


The most common water slides on the market are made from Polyethylene or acrylic. These are great choices because of their longevity and strength. The slide which you purchase must also be UV resistant. Otherwise, your slide can fade very quickly from being exposed to the sun. This will make it look old and can even present safety risks if the material cracks or breaks when someone is using it. Please be aware that if your water slide is made of metal, it will get scorching hot in the sun and can cause serious burns, even if water has been continually flowing down it. To make it simple- do not choose a metal slide! 

Colour, features and specifications: 

The most popular colour choice of waterslides is blue and tan. When you select the colour of your water slide, you need to find something that is going to match with the colour of your pool as well as your home. More important than colour, make sure you look at the safety features that the water slide you have chosen has. The slide should have a non-slip ladder, with strong handrails, and be constructed with salt and rust resistant materials. 

Water supply: 

A water slide can have its own water supply, by taking water from your pool to create a continuous stream of water from the top of the waterslide. It’s the same sort of experience as you would get from a slide at a real water park! A slide with its own water supply, is more fun as well as safer too. It’s safer because your legs won’t stick to the hot and dry slide on the way down. You can avoid the hassle of trying to achieve the same effect by having to use a garden hose at the top of the slide that will just get in the way. A water slide with its own water supply also saves on water as it uses water from your pool rather than the tap. You have control to adjust the water flow from a slow trickle to a rapid stream. 

Professional advice: 

As always, before purchasing your slide, it is recommended to speak to a professional first. A pool builder can assess your swimming pool and the surrounding area to offer advice on which style and design of waterslide would work best. If you have the space, it is clever to place your water slide in a position where it faces your entertainment area and house. Then you can keep an eye out more easily when the children are using it. 

Barrier Reef Pools New Zealand is all about creating stunning and luxurious fibreglass pools, while water slides are not something we install, we do, however, have extensive experience in the pool industry and our friendly team can offer helpful advice regarding waterslides. Give us a call today, and our friendly team at Barrier Reef Pools New Zealand are more than happy to help!