Can Fibreglass Pools Be Installed Above Ground?

Always dreamt of having a pool in your home? Worried about your backyard being unsuitable for an in-ground pool? Don’t get stressed, there’s always a solution!

Fibreglass pools are the easiest and quickest to install because they are pre-constructed in factories. Apart from that, fibreglass pools offer several other benefits. They are available in a wide range of designs that can fit into almost any backyard. For properties that do not have a suitable layout for an in-ground pool, the next best option is an above ground pool. Yes, it’s possible!

Fibreglass pools can be installed above the ground. Placing your pool above ground can also be highly beneficial. Fibreglass pools offer great flexibility when it comes to installations. It is possible to install fibreglass pools either inground, partially inground, or above ground. Above ground fibreglass pool shells are thicker and fortified for extensive support. With the right kind of installation, an above ground pool can be one of the best great assets in your home.

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Before looking at how fibreglass pools can be installed above ground, it is important to know all your options.

Inground Pool

Inground pools are the most conventional, classic pools that come to mind whenever you first think of installing a pool in your home. As the name suggests, an inground pool is completely submerged in the ground. To install or construct an inground pool in your backyard, it needs to be flat and spacious. An inground pool requires digging to create a cavity on the ground for housing the pool. Inground pools are the most popular but also the most expensive option. In an inground pool, the edges are levelled with the ground around the pool and are covered with tiles, stones, or other finishes. 

Partially Above-Ground

Not so common, partially above-ground pools or semi-inground pools can be an ideal option for properties with an uneven backyard that has slopes, and ridges. These pools are partially-submerged into the ground and a major part of the pool remains above the ground. These pools are not as aesthetically pleasing as inground pools as a part of the pool wall is visible. However, with modern design concepts, the wall can be hidden with decking or stonework. Some amount of excavation is required for installing partially inground pools. However, they cost less than inground pools but more than above ground pools. 

Fully Above-Ground Pool

The name says it all! An above-ground pool is defined by its name and stands completely above the ground. The shell of an above ground fibreglass pool is not sunk into the ground and that saves tons of excavation expense. However, an above ground fibreglass pool in your home does not mean compromising on the aesthetics. There are several ways to customise the pool surroundings to give it a stylish and luxurious look with disappearing edges. 

The best part about considering installing an above ground fibreglass pool is the cost factor. As there is no extensive digging involved, you can save thousands of dollars and get the same pool comfort in your backyard. 

Advantages of Above Ground Fibreglass Pools

The advantages that above ground pools offer make them extremely desirable. 


Above ground pools are much cheaper compared to inground and partially above-ground pools. If you opt for an above ground fibreglass pool, you can avoid a lot of expenses that go into excavation and installation. The pool quality remains the same, you do not have to compromise on safety or convenience if you choose to go with an above ground fibreglass pool. You can have unlimited hours of fun with friends and family and host poolside parties as you would do with any other pool.

If your budget cannot accommodate an inground pool but you desire to have one in your home an above ground pool can be your best option.


High-quality fibreglass pools are strong and durable. Even when installed above ground, fibreglass pool shells offer great durability due to their high tactile strength. Above ground fibreglass pools are constructed to be slightly flexible so that they do not crack easily and can accommodate minor earth movements. Long-lasting, and reliable, fibreglass pools offer structural integrity. 


Installation of above ground pools is the quickest as you do not require to wait for any excavation work. Your backyard will not be teeming with workers and machinery for months. Above ground fibreglass pools are convenient to install and will allow you to use your pool within just a few days. You don’t have to dream about hosting pool parties and relaxing in your pool for months. You can enjoy them sooner than you think! 


Many homeowners are not open to the idea of installing an above ground pool because they are worried about how a pool sitting above the ground will look. Most property owners are used to looking at inground pools and a new idea always does not appeal to them. You will be surprised to see how beautifully above ground pools can be customised and incorporated with the surrounding using various landscape features and finishes. A well planned above ground pool can be a statement piece in your backyard 

If your backyard cannot accommodate an inground pool, don’t get disheartened. Explore the possibilities of an above ground pool and the stunning options available will surprise you. What you may think will look out of place will turn into a beauty with professional help from your bool builder. 

Above ground fibreglass pools may not last as long as inground pools but you can enjoy them for ten to fifteen years or more depending on how well maintained your pool is. Above ground pools are great for homeowners who do not want to invest more and are not able to install an inground pool. Chat to our friendly team today about getting an above ground fibreglass pool!