Everything You Need To Know About Infinity Edge Pools

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Pool fans all over the globe cannot stop raving about fibreglass pools and the joy they bring. If you have installed a fibreglass pool in your backyard, you are a lucky person who knows all the advantages these pools can offer you, from low maintenance to subtle beauty. Fibreglass pools come in various sizes, shapes, styles and even colours now, so you get what you want. In fact, you can match your unique backyard aura to fit any fibreglass pool.

Since you don't become the owner of a swimming pool every day, it is crucial that you decide on the best-suited pool when you consider a pool at all. This is not a challenge anymore, as the perfect home swimming pool you get today caters to every distinct customer. A popular choice these days is the infinity edge pool. Look no further to find out all about these gems of water holes that can add flair and elegance to any residence.

A vanishing pool

Aptly called “vanishing pools”, infinity edge pools are those that appear not to have a border. This means that, while you can see where a pool normally ends, an infinity pool has an overflow of water, giving the viewer the illusion of a never-ending water flow. The pool effectively creates a kind of oneness between your backyard and the water. This is also called “a pool with no edge”, or one with a “wet edge”. Fibreglass pools which are infinity pools seem to have no wall at the end of the pool, and the water seamlessly appears to cascade. What you get is a view that is largely unrestricted while you are swimming.

You typically see these pools on hotel rooftops, and they spell luxury by this kind of association. Among the best home pool tips, experts will tell you to buy an infinity pool that adds class to any backyard and increases your residential value by leaps and bounds. If you think that these pools are only for the famous and the wealthy, you couldn’t be further from the truth. Innovations in pool designs with fibreglass pools let you have the infinity pool of your dreams!

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How the Vanishing Pool functions

The latest technology that drives infinity pools is not a challenge to understand. In a regular pool, the walls of the pool tend to be higher than the level of the water inside the pool. In the case of fibreglass pools with edges of the infinity style, there is always one wall of the pool (or two) that is built at the identical height as the level of water. The magic of the pool is mainly because these pool walls are built in such a way that they slope in a direction that is away with regard to the pool. Consequently, the water at the edge of these pools is prone to fall in a downward way, much like a waterfall does.

In-home swimming pools of this kind, the water doesn’t just fall to the ground by the side of the pool. It is deftly collected in a tank. This is located below the edge of the infinity point and is totally invisible when attempting to view it from inside the pool. In a kind of recycling process, the water is then pushed back from the tank into the main area of the pool. The pool remains full as a result. This is probably a pool that makes the most efficient use of water, without any wastage to speak of.

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Where to build an Infinity Pool

Pools with a “negative edge” can be built in a limited space. Limited in the sense of area and location, as these pools have to be constructed completely in the ground with a gentle and natural slope. In case there is no slope present as a natural formation, fibreglass pools of this kind will have to be built on slopes that are man-made. As a result of this, pools with a negative edge are perfect for construction on sloping surfaces where straight construction will not suffice. The primary reason for the existence of the slope is to facilitate the mechanism of the tank that collects the water falling over the pool’s edge.

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The sloping surface

A swimming pool is considerably heavy. You may wonder why this is even an issue as it rests on the ground or in it. Nonetheless, home pool tips include certain aspects of pool construction when you have to construct a heavy pool on a sloping surface area. When an artificial slope must be built, it has to be solid enough to take the weight of a swimming pool. Until very late in the day, only concrete pools could be built on a slope. Still, with the advent of the advanced fibreglass pools on the market, people questioned whether these could be constructed on a slope as infinity pools.

With all the pros that fibreglass pools have to offer, a solution to create fibreglass pools as infinity pools had to emerge. The solution? New technology in which the pool shell has a “ribbed” surface below its shell has come about. This makes the pool robust enough to be partially above the ground and partly below it. The strength of such a fibreglass pool is comparable to that of a concrete pool. Fibreglass is also more durable than concrete, so this is a good option all around.

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Other aspects of Infinity Pools

In case you are already the proud owner of a fibreglass pool, you may think of turning it into an infinity pool. Nonetheless, this would pose a huge challenge due to construction aspects and technical structural problems. So, if you wish to own an infinity pool, think twice before you put in any pool in your backyard. Nonetheless, if you like the design of an already-existing fibreglass pool, it’s possible to transform it into an infinity pool. Fibreglass pools can undergo some structural modifications to their edges and infinity pools can be fabricated out of these.


Infinity pools may be costly as they are unique, and the cost largely depends on the pool’s unique installation. As a result of this, pools have varied costs and each pool has to be distinctly accounted for. In case there is a lot of structural work involved, your infinity pool may be expensive to fit in. Nonetheless, this is an investment that will serve you well for years to come.