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Fibreglass Swimming Pools Napier


New Release

Brampton Slimline

New Release

Venice Slimline

Royale Slimline


Plunge Slimline

Brampton Lap Pool

What size pool are you looking for?

Small Pools

2.60m - 6.90m

Small Pools

If you're restricted for space, you don't need to miss out on your dream pool. Our Small Pool Range is the perfect addition to your lifestyle.
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Medium Pools

7.00m - 9.40m

Medium Pools

Our Medium pool sizes are an excellent addition to any average sized yard. Find the pool you've been dreaming of!
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Large Pools

9.50m - 12.50m

Large Pools

Choose your dream pool from our extensive range of large family pools and lap pools. We have great sizes in a wide range of shapes!
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What type of pool are you looking for?

View Family Pools

Family Pools

Barrier Reef Pools offer one of Australia's largest ranges of inground and above ground fibreglass family pools, designed specifically for families to suit yards of any shape or size.​​​
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Brampton Lap Pools

The Brampton Lap Pool Range has been designed to proved superior opportunities for exercising, training and at the end of your session, just relaxing. At two optimal lengths of 8 and 12 metres, these pools are perfect for working out in the safest way!
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Plunge Pools

With houses growing in size and blocks getting smaller, a plunge pool could be the perfect option of maximise your lifestyle and maintain your backyard!
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The Brampton is our latest and most exclusive pool yet. Existing on the cutting edge of modern design technology, the Brampton effortlessly weaves together the new and old – and improves on both.

The strong geometrical features of the Brampton Slimline are designed to compliment contemporary and traditional landscapes. Bold and sophisticated, the Brampton Slimline boasts dual entry and exit points making it extremely versatile on its position in most settings.

The Venice shape is the latest addition to our range of pools. It features a timeless classic shape combined with an uninterrupted swimming area. The massive bench and seating area in this pool being set back from the swimming lane makes this area ideal to incorporate spa jets for entertaining or just plain relaxing after a hard day.

Want a pool that doesn’t take up your entire backyard? We completely understand the need for this balance, which is why we offer the Venice Slimline range. Ideal for narrow backyards or for those looking to maintain a garden alongside it, this range ticks all the boxes.

One of our latest designs. The visual simplicity of this contemporary square styling design perfectly compliments your outdoor entertaining area. Integrated with modern surrounds and landscaping this swimming pool design is simply stunning.

One of our latest designs. The visual simplicity of this contemporary square styling design perfectly compliments your outdoor entertaining area. Integrated with modern surrounds and landscaping this swimming pool design is simply stunning.

This elegantly simple clean line design boasts it all, a full-length step for easy access, a massive splash deck for simply lazing around with family and friends or utilise this space as a fun-filled kids play area.

With houses becoming bigger and blocks getting smaller the ultimate Plunge pool could be the perfect option for your backyard or courtyard area, with square corners and a constant depth of 1.65m you could be forgiven for thinking this is a concrete courtyard or plunge pool design.

Designed for those small areas where space is often restricted or for those who are just simply looking for a small plunge pool to cool off & relax in. Either way, the Plunge Slimline offers the perfect solution. 

The strong geometrical features of the Brampton Lap Pool are designed to compliment contemporary and traditional landscapes. Bold and sophisticated, the Brampton Lap Pool boasts dual entry and exit points making it extremely versatile on its position in most settings.

10 Reasons Why Barrier Reef Pools Are Napier's Favorite Pool Company

Award Winning Pool Range

People's choice award voted Barrier Reef Pools best Fibreglass Pool in Australia (SPASA). Choose your dream swimming pool from Australia's largest range, Barrier Reef Pools have won over 100 SPASA awards from 2009-2020.​

Comprehensive Warranties

Barrier Reef Pools offer the most comprehensive customer focused warranty. Lifetime Structural, Lifetime Internal and Lifetime Paving Warranty all fully transferable.

Specialised Installation Process

Barrier Reef Pools can be installed in only 7-10 days, and then your pool is all yours! Barrier Reef Pools are installed by our own highly trained Pool Builders. All Barrier Reef Pools are steel and concrete reinforced for superior strength. Backed by a Lifetime paving guarantee.

Family Owned & Grown For Over 30 Years

Barrier Reef Pools have been manufacturing Fibreglass Pools for over 30 years at our state of the art manufacturing facilities. This has established Barrier Reef Pools as a leader in the Fibreglass Swimming Pool manufacturer industry.

8 Stage Quality Control

Barrier Reef Pools employs an 8 stage quality control process to ensure that we are designing the highest qualify Fibreglass Swimming Pools. We pride ourselves on quality and workmanship, giving our valued customers peace of mind knowing they are buying the best and highest quality Fibreglass Swimming Pools.

Superior 7 Layer Construction

Advanced pool colour technology with a lifetime interior surface guarantee. Our superior 7 layer Fade Resistant and Anti-Microbial construction includes interior surface finish, anti-corrosion barrier, chemical resistant layer, kevlar, structural layer, reinforcement layer and outer sealer coat.

International Certification

Barrier Reef Pools have invested decades into the design and construction of our extensive pool range becoming Australia's only Fibreglass Pool Manufacturer to be awarded the Australian Standards 5 tick certified product award.

Extensive Range

Barrier Reef Pools has one of the largest pool ranges with all shapes, sizes and designs with beautiful and vibrant colours and special shimmer effects.

Safety & Maintenance

Barrier Reef Pools are low maintenance and have embedded safety features including a step-ledge around each pool, smooth non-abrasive surfaces with no sharp edges and non-skid on the step-entry and floors.

Anti-Microbial Pool Protection

Every Barrier Reef Swimming pool has been constructed with Anti-Microbial Polycor 943 Gelcoat Protection to help protect your family from harmful bacteria.

Fibreglass Pools Napier

When the sun is shining and the weather is warm, nothing is more enticing than jumping in a glistening pool to cool off and have some fun. On the weekend, in the afternoon, during your lunch break, there is never a bad time for a swim in the pool. If you are in the market for a new swimming pool, the team here at Fibreglass Pools Napier can help! We fit and install world-class fibreglass pools and spas that are suited to every type of swimmer and backyard.

Whether you love the idea of a small pool that’s ideal for two or three people or a big one large enough for the whole family and then some, we have options to cater to everyone.

Our fibreglass swimming pools are engineered using pioneering pool technology and constructed using the finest materials and equipment, and this is all done in a state of the art temperature controlled manufacturing plant. Utmost attention and detail goes into each one of our pool designs, and pool advancements and innovation are something we are passionate about. Our collection is constantly expanding to bring our customers the very latest and leading fibreglass pool designs. They are made to last and tolerate harsh conditions such as minor earth movements and the unrelenting sun and UV rays with ease.

Our fibreglass pools feature numerous safety inclusions such as non-slip steps and a child safety ledge on the inside edge – providing the perfect resting spot for little kids. Our pool collection is generous, to say the least, we have spas, plunge pools, lap pools, family pools, and so much more on offer.

When undertaking a large project like a pool installation, certain obligations need to be fulfilled to ensure your pool is installed lawfully. We’ve put together some information on this below.

Knowing the Safety and Planning Laws for Napier

Right across New Zealand, there are pool safety and planning laws. They can vary though depending on the local council area where you live. These are the rules that are in place in Napier:

You may need to obtain building consent for your new pool, and you do need a building consent to build your pool fencing, and it needs to meet specifications as outlined within the jurisdiction.

Inspections of your pool fencing will need to be done every 3 years. These will need to be done by a Napier City Council Officer or an independently qualified pool inspector (IQPI). You will receive a letter in the mail outlining the date of the inspection and the fee associated with the service.

You are responsible for maintaining your pool fence and making sure that it is in good working order at all times.

You must ensure that your swimming pool doesn’t contaminate the public water supply by either installing a hose-tap vacuum breaker on the hose that fills the pool or installing a backflow prevention device where the water meter is on the property’s boundary.

To find out more about Napier’s pool safety and planning laws, head to the Napier City Council website: swimming pool | Napier City Council

Which fibreglass pool is best suited to me in Napier?

There isn’t one prominent type of pool that people choose here in Napier, it more comes down to their backyard size and swimming requirements. Those with smaller backyards can’t typically have large pools and will have to opt for smaller varieties instead, whereas those with big backyards commonly choose bigger pools. Fibreglass pools tend to be more popular than other types of pools due to their quick installation and simple maintenance. Choosing the right one is easy for some, but not so easy for others. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration – the size, shape, colour, sanitisation method and inclusions are a few of the many. Regardless of what your preferences are, our team are experts at matching people with the perfect pool design to create a recreational haven that’ll be enjoyed for many decades to come. While our team will guide you through all of your options, some things for you to think about to make the decision-making process easier would be:

  1. Potential pool locations. Considering the flow of the backyard and aesthetics.

  2. How many people and who will be using the pool. For example, if the elderly or people with limited mobility will be using it, steps that run right down to the floor of the pool would make getting in and out easier and safer rather than choosing a pool with one large step into the pool.

  3. Think of the colour palette or theme of your backyard and which pool colours would compliment this best.

  4. What will be the primary use of the pool? Relaxation? Fun? Entertaining? Knowing this can help you find a pool that ticks all your boxes.

Can I use my pool all year round with Napier's weather?

When the winter chills start to kick in, swimming typically becomes a thing of the past, well, momentarily at least. Some people are not very tolerant of cold water even in the warmer months, so if this is you or you want to be able to swim into the evening or when the weather cools down, pool heating may be something you could benefit from. They enable you to control the temperature of the pool, and you can heat it as warm as you desire.

Fibreglass pools pair well with heating as they heat up quickly and stay warmer for longer. This means you won’t have to run your heating system excessively to heat the pool. Using a good quality pool cover can help to trap in the warmth when you are not using it and can reduce your running costs.

As locals ourselves, nothing makes us prouder than creating a dream pool for our fellow Napier residents. Our commitment to delivering premium pool installations is what sets us apart and why more Napier locals choose us.

Our pools are straightforward to install and once you have chosen your pool, it’s just a matter of getting it delivered to site and installing it. Your new pool could be installed in as little as 7 days, so what are you waiting for? Contact the friendly team at Fibreglass Pools Napier today to get the ball rolling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Buying a fibreglass pool means that you can have heaps of fun, right in your very own backyard! Fibreglass pools are increasing in popularity and they last for years!

Beginning the pool installation process in winter is one of the most ideal times to, as it means that the pool will most likely be installed in the summer. While we endeavour to have the pool installed as soon as possible, our pool builders have different turnaround times and there are also weather events that may contribute to the installation.

We have a large range of small, medium, large and family pools for you to choose from. If you are on a smaller block, we have sizes to accommodate for a lot of the different designs, so you don’t have to compromise on the design you want.

Winter temperatures in Napier can get down to 13 degrees. Heating your pool can get you pool use year round!