Is A Swimming Pool A Good Investment?

Swimming pools can be expensive, and if you are weighing up whether to get one, you may be curious to know if they are a good investment or not. In this post, we'll share our perspective on swimming pools and the reasons why we think they are a smart choice for every home.

When the climate is warm here in New Zealand, spending time outside enjoying the weather is a favourite pastime for many. A swimming pool makes the perfect addition to any backyard and complements our cruisy, outdoor-loving way of life.

Swimming pools can not only overhaul the appeal of your home but your lifestyle in more ways than one. Some people consider a pool a good investment because they add value to a property and typically much more than the pool costs, others consider a pool a good investment as it enhances their free time and the enjoyability that they get out of being at their home. Either way, a swimming pool offers undeniable benefits.

Let’s dive a little deeper into the reasons why a pool is a good investment

Adding value to your home

It is no secret that properties with pools are more expensive than ones without, although the same cannot be said if the home features an old and outdated pool that requires significant work or looks less than appealing. Kiwis love their pools so if you ever decide to sell your home down the track and you’ve made the decision to put in a pool, you can have peace of mind knowing that it will make your home more attractive to potential buyers and add value to the sale price. Fibreglass pools are a great choice for several reasons, they are more straightforward to install, they are easier to clean and maintain, they don’t rip clothing or cause scratches, and they are sleek and contemporary in design.

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Can help you to keep healthy and active

One of the great things about swimming is you don’t have to do an intense set of laps to burn calories. Even paddling in the pool can help you to move your body and keep active. If you do want to turn up the intensity, you can do so at your own pace whenever you choose. Regular exercise can boost cardiovascular health and overall muscle growth. With a growing number of people leading sedentary lifestyles and more and more children resorting to online apps and video games, having a pool in the backyard is an investment for your and your family’s health and wellbeing.

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Takes your hosting to the next level

There’s no denying that attending get-togethers or events with a pool are more fun than those without. Having a pool enables you to centre your hosting around it, and it gives your guests something interactive to do while socialising rather than just sitting around. Whether you like to host Christmas, birthdays, or parties at your place, a swimming pool can take them to the next level when it comes to fun!

Can save you time

Have you sat in traffic painfully trying to go to the beach for the day? You’re not alone. Sometimes the hassle of having to pack half your house and sit in traffic makes going for a swim a major effort and not worth it. With a swimming pool, weekend wasting becomes a thing of the past. You can swim whenever your heart desires, night, day and 365 days a year without even having to leave your home. Additionally, you won’t have to share your swimming space with others and you can swim in complete privacy.

Draws the entire family outside

The benefits of being outside are almost endless. Some of these include boosting mood and lowering blood pressure. A swimming pool draws the whole family outside for some fresh air and quality time together. Rather than sitting inside watching TV or on devices, you spend the afternoon bonding, laughing, and getting in some exercise. If you’re like most, you’ll have fond memories of swimming in a pool and having your own pool enables you to make new lifelong memories with those you care about most.

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Unwind on demand

Life gets crazy at times, and having an outlet to unwind is essential for maintaining good health and mental wellbeing. A swimming pool can be used for more than just swimming and having fun. You can use your pool to sit in and relax after a big day. Being submerged in water has many advantages, such as lowering stress and reducing inflammation. Even if you don’t want to swim in the pool, sitting by it can offer therapeutic benefits and it makes a great place to sit and relax with a cup of coffee or a book. Being able to do this from your home ensures that you have an accessible way to relax on demand, and the more time you are making for yourself, the better you are likely to feel in general.

Makes your home look better

A swimming pool, when done well, will dramatically enhance the aesthetics of your backyard. It can give your backyard the wow factor and creates a point of interest. With some clever paving, landscaping and perhaps some pool lighting, you’ve got yourself a showstopping feature in the backyard. You can design your pool to tie in with your home to create cohesion between the spaces as well as ensure it suits your lifestyle to a tee.

The verdict

Whether you want to add a pool to your home for financial gain or to improve your lifestyle, they are a fantastic investment! Having a pool of your own can transform the appeal and function of your home and enhance how you spend your free time. What better way to spend the weekend than with those you care about, with a BBQ or meal and a dip in the pool. Does it get much better? We think not! If you are looking for a stunning fibreglass pool for your home, look no further than the team here at Barrier Reef Pools New Zealand. We fit and install world-class fibreglass pools and spas and we are confident we have something that you will find a worthwhile investment for your home. Contact us today to find out more.