Above Ground Pools

Are you wondering if a fibreglass pool can be installed above ground? Wonder no more: yes, they definitely can be! Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we’re happy to announce that fibreglass pools are uniquely suited to above-ground installation; they are by far and away the best type of pool to install above ground as a whole!

All models Are Now Available In Above Ground Option

Can Fibreglass Pools Be Installed Above Ground?

Yes! All of our fibreglass pools here at Barrier Reef Pools can be installed above-ground. Our designs can also be installed partially above-ground, or fully submerged – it’s really your choice! Size, shape and location really are no issue: if you’re after an above-ground pool, then we’ve got you covered!

What Is An Above Ground Pool?

An above-ground pool is defined simply as any pool shell that is installed standing upright, rather than being installed into a pre-excavated hole, as is the norm. 

Typically, an above-ground pool’s exposed shell will be covered by a design feature. This can be as simple as timber decking or incorporate a sloping earth feature, BBQ area or be hidden by stairs leading up to the raised pool. Some savvy pool-owners even cover their exposed shell with an additional water feature!

Most above-ground pools will appear to be raised above the ground level and require stairs to enter; hence the name above ground pools

Why Are Some Pools Installed Above Ground?

Many pool owners choose to have their pool installed above-ground because:

  1. It may be their only option of having a pool in the first place. Some backyards can, unfortunately, be unsuited to traditional means of pool installation. Hazardous elements can make it impossible for even the most experienced pool installers to install a pool on some properties. These can include: 
    • Loose or extremely compact soil 
    • Large rocks or boulders that may be buried underground 
    • Slopes or ridges that block the excavation site 
    • The consistently uneven ground throughout the site
  2. Above-ground pools are especially well-suited to smaller homes because their installation will not require large-scale excavation and the relevant machinery 
  3. Alternatively, some pool owners simply prefer the look of an above-ground pool!

These savvy pool owners have layered their above-ground pool into a raised garden bed, and complimented it with a timber decking of the same level. Just one of the many ideas you can use with above-ground pools!


Why Are Fibreglass Pools So Well-Suited To Above-Ground Installation?

We mentioned before that fibreglass pools are uniquely suited to above-ground installation. You might be wondering why: 

Durability And Flexibility 

Fibreglass as a material is naturally durable and flexible, making it well-equipped to deal with the movements of the earth, even above ground. Its flexible nature will allow fibreglass to bend and move without cracking, and quickly snap back to its structural position. It’s one of the many reasons fibreglass pools are more resilient to cracks than concrete or vinyl pools are. This remains true above-ground, too: movements in the earth or strong winds may shake an above-ground fibreglass pool a little, but fibreglass is renowned for remaining structurally strong for decades.

Unparalleled Convenience

Secondly, a fibreglass pool is already an incredibly easy material to install with. Whereas a concrete pool may take up to several months to install due to the drying of concrete, a fibreglass pool can be lifted by crane straight onto your property in a day! Above-ground installations are well-known for their fast and simple installation process; a fibreglass pool will only enhance this further, making the whole installation process pain-free and convenient! 

Less Landscaping Issues

If your backyard or property possesses landscaping issues, such as slopes, ridges or hills, it will be far harder to install an above-ground concrete pool. This is because the concrete itself will have to be custom set into the landscape itself, in order to adapt around it. This process will be expensive, time-consuming and potentially alter the design of your pool. In contrast, a fibreglass pool will fit neatly into the landscape without having to alter your design or wait for an extended period of time. In fact, many savvy pool owners incorporate their landscape into their design: a fibreglass pool can be built into a slope or hill, so that one side looks over the landscape, providing a breath-taking view.

The biggest benefits of an above-ground pool are: a more affordable installation, opportunity for a unique and creative design, and the ability to  bypass any landscaping issues that may otherwise prevent you from installing a pool.

Benefits Of An Above Ground Pool:

Unparalleled Creativity

As we mentioned before, the payoff of working with complex landscaping issues is the absolutely stunning design finishes. No pool type embodies this more than above-ground pools! Some of the most creative designs arise when owners build their pools into the side of a slope or hill, in order to make the most use of a downward-looking view or even an infinity edge! An above-ground pool can make use of any landscaping elements in your backyard, instead of being restrained by them.

An Affordable Entry Into The World Of Pools

Because above-ground installation does not require excavation or heavy digging machinery, it is typically a more affordable installation option. If you’re rearing keen to get into the pool world, but don’t want to break the bank on your entry, then an above ground pool could be for you.

Choose The Right Installer

Above-ground pools have a vast wealth of advantages – such as cheaper cost and overcoming any landscaping issues you may have – as well as access to extremely creative designs! If you’ve been thinking about choosing an above-ground option for your pool, then your next step will be a reliable and trusted installer. Here at Barrier Reef Pools, we’re Australia’s favourite pool manufacturers! We have a wide network of qualified and professional pool installers. Check in with us for a free quote and our friendly team can guide you through all aspects of your above ground pool installation – we can’t wait to hear from you!

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