Fibreglass Pools New Plymouth
Fibreglass Pools New Plymouth

Fibreglass Pools New Plymouth

Fibreglass Swimming Pools New Plymouth


New Release

Brampton Slimline

New Release

Venice Slimline

Royale Slimline


Plunge Slimline

Brampton Lap Pool

What size pool are you looking for?

Small Pools

2.60m - 6.90m

Small Pools

If you're restricted for space, you don't need to miss out on your dream pool. Our Small Pool Range is the perfect addition to your lifestyle.
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Medium Pools

7.00m - 9.40m

Medium Pools

Our Medium pool sizes are an excellent addition to any average sized yard. Find the pool you've been dreaming of!
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Large Pools

9.50m - 12.50m

Large Pools

Choose your dream pool from our extensive range of large family pools and lap pools. We have great sizes in a wide range of shapes!
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What type of pool are you looking for?

View Family Pools

Family Pools

Barrier Reef Pools offer one of Australia's largest ranges of inground and above ground fibreglass family pools, designed specifically for families to suit yards of any shape or size.​​​
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Brampton Lap Pools

The Brampton Lap Pool Range has been designed to proved superior opportunities for exercising, training and at the end of your session, just relaxing. At two optimal lengths of 8 and 12 metres, these pools are perfect for working out in the safest way!
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Plunge Pools

With houses growing in size and blocks getting smaller, a plunge pool could be the perfect option of maximise your lifestyle and maintain your backyard!
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The Brampton is our latest and most exclusive pool yet. Existing on the cutting edge of modern design technology, the Brampton effortlessly weaves together the new and old – and improves on both.

The strong geometrical features of the Brampton Slimline are designed to compliment contemporary and traditional landscapes. Bold and sophisticated, the Brampton Slimline boasts dual entry and exit points making it extremely versatile on its position in most settings.

The Venice shape is the latest addition to our range of pools. It features a timeless classic shape combined with an uninterrupted swimming area. The massive bench and seating area in this pool being set back from the swimming lane makes this area ideal to incorporate spa jets for entertaining or just plain relaxing after a hard day.

Want a pool that doesn’t take up your entire backyard? We completely understand the need for this balance, which is why we offer the Venice Slimline range. Ideal for narrow backyards or for those looking to maintain a garden alongside it, this range ticks all the boxes.

One of our latest designs. The visual simplicity of this contemporary square styling design perfectly compliments your outdoor entertaining area. Integrated with modern surrounds and landscaping this swimming pool design is simply stunning.

One of our latest designs. The visual simplicity of this contemporary square styling design perfectly compliments your outdoor entertaining area. Integrated with modern surrounds and landscaping this swimming pool design is simply stunning.

This elegantly simple clean line design boasts it all, a full-length step for easy access, a massive splash deck for simply lazing around with family and friends or utilise this space as a fun-filled kids play area.

With houses becoming bigger and blocks getting smaller the ultimate Plunge pool could be the perfect option for your backyard or courtyard area, with square corners and a constant depth of 1.65m you could be forgiven for thinking this is a concrete courtyard or plunge pool design.

Designed for those small areas where space is often restricted or for those who are just simply looking for a small plunge pool to cool off & relax in. Either way, the Plunge Slimline offers the perfect solution. 

The strong geometrical features of the Brampton Lap Pool are designed to compliment contemporary and traditional landscapes. Bold and sophisticated, the Brampton Lap Pool boasts dual entry and exit points making it extremely versatile on its position in most settings.

10 Reasons Why Barrier Reef Pools Are New Plymouth's Favorite Pool Company

Award Winning Pool Range

People's choice award voted Barrier Reef Pools best Fibreglass Pool in Australia (SPASA). Choose your dream swimming pool from Australia's largest range, Barrier Reef Pools have won over 100 SPASA awards from 2009-2020.​

Comprehensive Warranties

Barrier Reef Pools offer the most comprehensive customer focused warranty. Lifetime Structural, Lifetime Internal and Lifetime Paving Warranty all fully transferable.

Specialised Installation Process

Barrier Reef Pools can be installed in only 7-10 days, and then your pool is all yours! Barrier Reef Pools are installed by our own highly trained Pool Builders. All Barrier Reef Pools are steel and concrete reinforced for superior strength. Backed by a Lifetime paving guarantee.

Family Owned & Grown For Over 30 Years

Barrier Reef Pools have been manufacturing Fibreglass Pools for over 30 years at our state of the art manufacturing facilities. This has established Barrier Reef Pools as a leader in the Fibreglass Swimming Pool manufacturer industry.

8 Stage Quality Control

Barrier Reef Pools employs an 8 stage quality control process to ensure that we are designing the highest qualify Fibreglass Swimming Pools. We pride ourselves on quality and workmanship, giving our valued customers peace of mind knowing they are buying the best and highest quality Fibreglass Swimming Pools.

Superior 7 Layer Construction

Advanced pool colour technology with a lifetime interior surface guarantee. Our superior 7 layer Fade Resistant and Anti-Microbial construction includes interior surface finish, anti-corrosion barrier, chemical resistant layer, kevlar, structural layer, reinforcement layer and outer sealer coat.

International Certification

Barrier Reef Pools have invested decades into the design and construction of our extensive pool range becoming Australia's only Fibreglass Pool Manufacturer to be awarded the Australian Standards 5 tick certified product award.

Extensive Range

Barrier Reef Pools has one of the largest pool ranges with all shapes, sizes and designs with beautiful and vibrant colours and special shimmer effects.

Safety & Maintenance

Barrier Reef Pools are low maintenance and have embedded safety features including a step-ledge around each pool, smooth non-abrasive surfaces with no sharp edges and non-skid on the step-entry and floors.

Anti-Microbial Pool Protection

Every Barrier Reef Swimming pool has been constructed with Anti-Microbial Polycor 943 Gelcoat Protection to help protect your family from harmful bacteria.

Fibreglass Pools New Plymouth

Swimming is fun and having a pool in the backyard means that you get to enjoy a cool dip in the pool whenever your heart desires. Think keeping the kids busy rather than on devices, getting fit, and hosting the best parties. There isn’t much to not love about owning a pool. Here at Fibreglass Pools New Plymouth, we fit and install deluxe fibreglass pools for every type of home and swimming preference.

Founded over the ditch in Australia more than 30 years ago, our company has had the pleasure of working with thousands of New Zealanders to bring their dream pools to life. No matter what your pool needs are, we have tonnes of options to choose from, and we are confident that we have something that not only suits your backyard but your lifestyle too.

When you purchase a pool with us, you can have complete assurance that you are investing in the finest quality pool that money can buy. From our tough and resilient gel-coat finishes to our impeccable construction processes, no corners are cut to bring you the very best in fibreglass pool technology. All our fibreglass pools are designed with fun, function and safety in mind and we are continuously planning new designs and concepts to ensure we have an equal selection of both classic styles of pools and more modern versions.

All our swimming pools come with a custom-built child safety ledge and non-slip surfaces that offer fantastic grip whilst remaining soft and comfortable underfoot.

Owning a swimming pool used to be only available to those with a decent size backyard however today, we have pools to suit virtually every sized block – even courtyards and terraces.

Some of the pools you’ll find in our collection include plunge pools, spas, family pools, lap pools and swim spas. Our collection is generous, to say the least, enabling you to find the perfect fit.

When you install a pool, you need to make sure that you are following the pool safety and planning laws that are in place in New Plymouth. We’ve put together some information on this in case you were interested in learning more about what’s involved concerning the logistical side of a pool build.

Knowing the Safety and Planning Laws for New Plymouth

To build a new pool here in New Plymouth, you’ll need to obtain a building consent as outlined under the Building Act.

It is a requirement under the Act to have your pool registered with the New Plymouth District Council.

All homes with pools in New Plymouth must have a backflow preventer and a water meter installed at the boundary of your property. You will need to apply for an extraordinary water supply via an application form found on the New Plymouth District Council website.

Your swimming pool must have a pool fence it must adhere to the specifications as explained in the Act to be compliant.

Every 3 years, your pool fencing will be inspected to ensure that it is meeting compliance requirements. You can elect for an independent qualified pool inspector (IQPI) to conduct this, or an inspector from New Plymouth District Council will do it.

If you would like to read more about the pool laws for New Plymouth, you can do so here at the New Plymouth District Council website: Swimming pools (

Which fibreglass pool is best suited to me in New Plymouth?

It’s so vitally important that you choose a swimming pool that suits your specific needs. This will ensure you get maximum use out of it. For example, choosing a spa when you know you want to be able to swim laps, isn’t going to serve you and your swimming needs best, and you may find you aren’t using it as much as you would have hoped.

The good news is, regardless of your backyard, budget or swimming needs, our team can work collaboratively with you to create a swimming pool that is perfect for you and the family not only today but for many generations to come.

To help simplify the decision-making process, it pays to consider the following factors:

  1. Possible pool locations and which one would work the best. Thinking about the function of the backyard and the overall look.

  2. You use your backyard for more than just swimming in the pool, so remember if you have enough room to have a grassy area or entertainment area as well as a pool, this can improve the purpose of the space rather than engulfing the whole backyard with a pool and leaving no free room for anything else.

  3. Colours schemes and styles. The pool colour should tie in with the exterior of the home as well as the hardscaping you choose for around your pool.

  4. Who will use the pool, and what elements do you think are important for a pool to have?

  5. Your budget. This should include fencing, pavers, landscaping and any additional extras you’d like the pool to have such as lighting.

Can I use my pool all year round with New Plymouth's weather?

Swimming year-round here in New Plymouth is a possibility however, it’s unlikely to be enjoyable if you are wanting to paddle around, especially in the midst of winter. Many choose to have a heating system installed for their pool, this enables pool owners to warm up their pool and swim for longer and for more months of the year. There are many heating solutions available for pools, the right one for you will depend on your swimming needs. If you don’t mind swimming in the pool when the water is cold or you don’t mind not using the pool when the weather cools off, heating may not be much use to you. If a heating system is out of the budget right now, a solar pool cover is a great alternative, they are cheap and can warm your pool up too.

Our highly skilled pool building professionals can transform your pool dreams into a reality! With our simple, fuss-free installations, you could have a pool ready to go in a matter of few weeks.

If you are ready to be a pool owner, contact us here at Fibreglass Pools New Plymouth. We’d love to discuss your options with you!