Is my backyard suited for a swimming pool?

There are many things you will need to consider regarding whether your backyard is suitable for a swimming pool. All backyards can be varying in terms of the layout, size, access, and the quality of the soil. Regardless of whether you have a challenging block or not, you should be consulting with an experienced pool builder.

It is even more important if you have a sloped block or restricted access, to work with a pool builder who is confident and has the experience in installing pools in similar yards. This is for your assurance that they can provide your space with the most suitable design. 

Not only are the rock and slope in your background things to consider when planning your outdoor area and dream swimming pool. The team at Barrier Reef Pools New Zealand can give you some more information and the options you can choose, based on your backyard. If there are any questions regarding the suitability of a fibreglass pool for your home, feel free to call our friendly team at Barrier Reef Pools New Zealand today! 

Installing A Fibreglass Pool On A Sloping Block: 

Our state-of-the-art technology allows our team to be able to design fibreglass pools that will fit into practically any backyard. A lot of new and existing homes are built on some sort of sloping land. When installing on a slope, you can build a deck or patio around the pool, to allow the entertaining area and pool to come together into an attractive feature for your home. In cases where the slope can be flattened with some extra construction work, the best option might be adding a retaining wall to separate higher areas of your yard to the lower ones. The most important issue to address when putting in a swimming pool, or any landscaping on a sloping block is the drainage. Drainage must be installed and directed away from the home, to avoid the water flowing towards it. While drainage is very important for all pools, it is even more important for a pool built on a sloping block, because if it rains excessively or there’s a leak in your pool, it can erode the slope and damage the foundations, or even worse- your home. 

The costs associated with installing a fibreglass pool on a sloping block is varied. Total costs will depend on the machinery access and the steepness of the block, plus the quality of the soil and if there is rock present. To save money and time on the excavation and earthworks, when installing a fibreglass pool, it is best to avoid the steepest part of the yard. 

Considerations For How Much Space You Need For Your Pool In Your Yard: 

  • Will you landscape around your pool? 

  • Do you need space around the pool for daybeds and other furniture?

  • Will you require privacy from your neighbours? 

  • Will you add features like a pool shower, slides or water features in the future?

  • Will you need a grass area for kids to play and pets to use? 

  • Is outdoor entertaining a priority to you?

Generally, a pool and its surrounds will occupy about 25% of the total area of your backyard. This allows you the additional space to be able to create an entertaining area or room for the kids. If you are worried you don’t have the space to accommodate a swimming pool, keep in mind that we have a variety of pools to suit all backyards. The smallest pool is our Plunge Slimline pool (4.2m x 1.6m).

A good tip if you have limited space, is to install the pool close to the house or fence, as this will make the area that you have look bigger.

Council Regulations & Utilities: 

In the early stages of the process to install a pool, check with your local council regarding any zoning, safety or building regulations that you will need to comply with, and apply for a permit. Each state’s rules are slightly different. The important thing you need to avoid is installing the pool over storm drains, power, sewers, and gas pipes, as this will be quite costly if any repairs need to be made. Your local council will give you information of the utilities locations, and your pool expert can make sure not to install the pool on them.

Also, the other regulations to keep in mind are fencing laws. Australian law states that every swimming pool and spa must have a fence around it. You will find it easier to organise the pool fence in your yard, even before choosing your swimming pool, because the fence you legally need might impact the size of pool you are able to choose. Also, keep in mind if your property is in a flood zone, as there will generally be a lot more engineering work that will need to go into installing your new fibreglass pool. Barrier Reef Pools New Zealand have many years of experience in the pool building industry and we assist you to ensure all legal requirements are made throughout the process. 

We understand that the decision to invest in a swimming pool is lengthy and costly, so we pride ourselves on being honest and open with communication throughout the whole process from beginning to the end. Hopefully, you have found value in this article, and maybe have even found some hope if you had previously felt that your yard was too small or too steep! If you are in the market of purchasing a top-quality fibreglass swimming pool and would likesome advice around the suitability of your backyard, then please feel free to give the team at Barrier Reef Pools New Zealand a call today so our friendly team can help you!