Tips To Safely And Correctly Install A Diving Board

Diving boards, now, are not an accessory you can see only in public pools. Anyone can add it to their existing or new backyard swimming pool, provided all safety factors are thoroughly considered. Both kids and adults can have unlimited fun with diving boards. The important thing to remember is that they need to be placed properly. Safely and correctly installing diving boards will ensure that people can enjoy the diving experience without any worries.

Considerations for the installation of diving boards

The safety considerations for installing diving boards typically depend on the local authorities. So, before you decide to install one, it is necessary to contact them to know the specifications in your locality. You should also apply for a permit and make sure that your municipality has not placed any bans on domestic diving boards. Do thorough research on building laws and enlist the help of a building inspector before you make a huge monetary investment.

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Depth considerations for the installation of diving boards

Typically, your swimming pool should have a depth of between 7.5 and 9 feet to have a comfortable diving experience. Several municipalities have regulations specifying the minimum depth the pools should have before you can consider installing diving boards. Manufacturers also give recommendations to pool owners on the minimum depth requirements. It is also not necessary to have this recommended depth throughout the entire swimming pool. The hard and fast rule concerning the depth involves the region situated directly below your diving board. This region is generally referred to as the deep end or the hopper.

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Size considerations for the installation of diving boards

Along with depth consideration, the size of the pool is also considered before installing diving boards. Generally speaking, the diving board can only be installed in a swimming pool that has specifications of 16′ x 32′ or larger. If your pool is smaller than the required specification, you may not be able to install a board. If you have more space in your backyard and want a diving board, consider expanding the pool.

Expanding the pool is also where the space at the shallow end is considerably less than at the deep end. This is an important consideration, especially if you have weak swimmers or young kids in your family. You should take all these things into account when choosing the size of your pool.

You can also add pool stairs with a sun ledge or tanning ledge. Kids can use this as the pool’s entrance and exit. An appropriate length of the shallow region is also necessary to fulfil the slope criteria required for pools with diving boards.

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Other requirements

There are some other aspects you have to consider before installing diving boards.

  • Above-ground pools are not suitable for diving boards since they cannot be constructed deep enough.
  • The shape of the pool does not play an important role in whether you can install diving boards or not. It is enough if the pool has enough depth and a proper slope.
  • Never move diving boards from your old pool to the new one without proper consideration.

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Installing a diving board

After you have decided that you want to install a diving board and have obtained a permit for it, the next step is the installation process. Installing the board is a complicated process during which you should adhere to all the safety regulations recommended by authorities and manufacturers. These regulations are recommended to avoid serious accidents or worse, even death. There are specifications related to minimum depths and distances that should be followed at all costs.

You can purchase a diving board that suits your needs from the numerous choices available on the market. After you have purchased the board, carefully read the installation instructions that come with the board. Attempting to install a diving board all by yourself is a dangerous affair, especially for inexperienced people. This is because any minute mistake can give rise to dangerous accidents. It is advisable to take the help of a skilled and experienced professional to install the board to have a safe diving experience.

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Base installation

Place the diving board’s base at the midsection of your deck. You should make sure that this is the deeper side of your pool. Before deciding on the position, make sure that all minimum distance requirements are fulfilled. After deciding on the mounting site, make sure you will be installing it straight onto the concrete. If your deck has tiles near the region you are planning on installing the board, remove them with a chisel. Pour new solid concrete that has a minimum compressive strength of 3500 PSI. This point should be as sturdy as possible. It bears the majority of the weight and stress when you use the board.

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Set the bolts

Use a 606/608 bolt jig for setting bolts on the board. The bolt caps generally come in yellow and red. The typical “RED” tipped bolts are placed on the board in the position nearest to the swimming pool. Before pouring in the concrete, make sure the jig is properly aligned because it could have moved during transportation. The cement thickness should be around eight inches. 1.5 inches of the bolt should be exposed when you are pouring the concrete. Let the concrete cure in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions. After it has dried, remove any extra concrete and flatten the surface with a chisel. This will bring the base level with the surface. Once this is finished, you can take off the coloured bolt caps.

After the diving board is placed and fastened, check the level or slope of the board with the deck. The height gap between the end of the deck and the board’s tip should not be more than 6 inches.

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To Conclude

Installing a diving board in your home pool is exciting. But it is also necessary to make the installation perfect to avoid accidents and fatalities in the future. It is advisable to take the help of a professional agency if you have decided to install a board in your home pool. This will ensure that the divers are safe and everyone can enjoy themselves stress-free.